World of Dance - NY Reppin' feat. Bones Hill, Dollaz, Sam Iam(Flexing & Bone Breaking) Battle Stars

World of Dance feature video featuring Bones Hill, Dollaz, Sam Iam of Battlefest All Stars. Brooklyn is holding it down with jaw dropping dancing that changes the face of viewers and causes on lookers to cover their mouths in shock. How do they move like this? Stay tuned for World of Dance tutorials featuring all of your favorites styles and dance including the hot off the streets new emerging dance moves. Subscribe now to World of Dance Tour's Youtube channel to be one the first to see our newly released videos weekly. Thanks for your support!!! MUSIC BY: 1st song: Killer Mike "Ready Set Go" 2nd song: Red Cafe "Hottest Nigga in the Hood" 3rd song: Teninoru "The Machines - Dope! (Dubstep)" Filmed by Ariel Amaro and Israel Carbajal. Edited by Israel Carbajal. Directed by Rod Jonas

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