KNUCKLE NECK TRIBE w/ DJ QBERT | SOULS OF MISCHIEF | Bay Area 90s Golden Era Hip-Hop Revival

The revival of the early 90's golden era of hip hop legacy from the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Area. Knuckle Neck Tribe (formerly known as West Coast Rock Steady), DJ Q-Bert & Invisibl Skratch Piklz, and Souls of Mischief of the Hieroglyphics. All styles..all hip hop culture. The way it was and the way it should be. KNUCKLE NECK is now: G-BOOGIE aka GBoogs MIKEY DISKO (Soul Sector) WHACKO (Forever We Rock / Illest Villans) WICKET (Renegades) -- Catch him in the next video PROFO WON (Floorgangz) ROB NASTY (Forever We Rock) IRON MONKEY (Renegades) BOY WONDER (Soul Sector) PAULIE RHYTHMS (Soul Sector) MARTY MACFLEAZY DOPEY FRESH JAYPEE (Groov Mekanex) NOBEL aka Kenoby DJ SHORTKUT (Invisible Skratch Piklz / Beat Junkies / Triple Threat) Shot & Edited by: Mandeep Sethi Directed by: Mikey Disko & SETI X Opening Archive Sequence: Rob Nasty Additional Shots: Gabriel "Dj Delrokz" Nicholas, Shane Singh Gill (Fridge Media) Songs: "That's How it Is" by Casual "That's When Ya Lost" by Souls of Mischief Remix by Shash'u Cuts by DJ Shortkut In the archive 1991-93 Home Turf and Source Magazine footage: The Original KNT -- P-Kid, G-Boogs, Gizmo, Bayardo, (other members include: Aukwin, Preacher, Board Stiff, Gideon, Jorg'e, Octaviano, Crazy Legs, Zulu Grem, Wicket, D-rock, KBizzy, FM20, Alex Aquino) DJ Q-Bert, Nobel aka Kenoby, Mix Master Mike, DJ Apollo. Renegades 30th Anniversary / Knuckle Neck Tribe 22 yr Reunion November 2, 2013 -- San Francisco, Ca More information on the current Knuckle Neck and the history of the original squad along with the undocumented history of the Bay Area 90's hip hop to be released soon. 1991...The Golden Era of Hip Hop is back...

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