Beatboxing w zwolnionym tempie

A very large Shouting Out to Destin from Smarter Every Day, who did make it occur this Dope Video and Experience. It is true, my Brain can now not remove my Brontosaurus Vagina Lips Memorys, and Thank You Destin for this! More Smarter Every Day: This is the Camera we did use for shooting my Lips: Danke (Thank You) for Sound Designs to Gordon, a Dope Human! Enjoy (and perhaps purchase!) his Tunes and Tones hier: Flula Shop! // Flula Twitter! // Flula FaceBook! // Flula Instagram! //

Kategoria: hip hop, beatbox
Tagi: brak
  • Dodał: becet
  • Zakceptowany: 16.01.14
  • Ostatnie zmiany: 16.01.14

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