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The communities which make WoW Classic enjoyable

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As far as looking for Classic for me goes, all I'm really worried about is making sure I can get a good gold gain for myself and creating a positive reputation on the host. I'm going to take it nice and simple and just explore and experience it all over again, although when it comes time fuss using a mount. It's been way too long because I must see the old zones untouched, admittedly I've stayed away from Private Servers due to the chance of them being taken down and  Vanilla WoW Gold that I haven't heard of numerous US-based ones for latency. I am only looking forward to become the Portal-Mage that is friendly once more.

I remember attempting in my Paladin to tank. I could not hold threat, and it was such a negative encounter with people yelling at me and calling me a noob - from tanking for years it put me off. It was that my guild leader told me that she thinks I'd do great at tanking. I changed. And I ended up being so good that folks said I was the Paladin Tank they raided together - that was a complement considering a few of these had been in several other raiding guilds. The folks in my raid thought I was tanking for many years, and I didn't inform them that I had just started tanking in that expansion. So that Vanilla has been changed since by Paladin tanking. Don't bother unless is run dungeons. If you are all baddies nobody will care.

WoW Classic was not the best experience for me personally. But I didn't know better. So WoW Classic is meh for me. I've been there done that, going backward does not intrigue me. The QoL problems back was dreadful. If they create classic with QoL, then it is not classic. After I have cleaned all of Blizzards crap off my computer, I look forward to investing my time into some new IP ( intellectual properties ) - games -, ya this summer I anticipate investing my time, and maybe money in some new companies which truly serve the community, companies which have a reputation for being committed and dedicated to the gaming communities.

I mean the community has literally been crying out for years for Blizzard to provide us a few servers which host versions of WoW Classic. And for many years, they have ignored us. How I see itand personal servers, ive played for such a long time, ive recognized its the communities which make WoW Classic enjoyable. I mind the bugs on particular private servers - its the community which makes those servers cool. Blizzard waited to give us a classic version of WoW Classic. And had a good time that is damn. Didnt cost me just one penny, as even the very best private servers are liberated. Interesting that the servers that are private are devoted to the communities. You would think would show the identical dedication to the community. Im sorry, but I dont believe for two minutes, that Blizzard will come close to showing the community respect. Themselves have shamed, lost all honour. Want to play WoW Classic? Dont do it. Join a host - yea,summer isnt looking too bad.

NOt bad. If Blizzard will do this the most thoughtful and best way 15, I love. AS somebody that started playing WoW Classic from day 1, I hope that its roughly the same as twas. That being said, In the elast, it'd be nice if"WoW Classic" gets the updated look of this new game, at least in relation to improved pixel and shader and color quality Buy Gold in WoW Classic. THough I wouldnt mind watching it just as it had been. Another thing that I hope they do is have mainly arros for bow users, the demand for ammo and daggers for rogues. This was such a fun and realistic way to play, and depended heavily on bag space, gold, and weight. Made it untrue, although this vid didnt mention this vid was obviously just trying to cover most of the basics. I will most likely have horde and alliance concurrently on different servers ( not the exact same one, of course ), so IF Blizzard does this, I hope that they do it correctly.

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