Trailer CIRCLEKINGZ 2007

Circlekingz 2007 aka The Bboy Kingdom CHANGING FORMS Circlekingz will change a little bit is form. In Circlekingz 2007 aka the bboy kingdom, i 've seen to many bboy focusing more on the battles than the Cyphers. If in 2006 there was a lot of Cyphers and they were pretty intense, last year they were not so strong. And i don't like that! Due to that point that is really important to me, I will change the usual Filter with a 2-3 hours Cyphers....judges will pick up the 8 best from this to battle against the great 8. The great 8 (if they are more than 8) will also participate to the 2-3 hours cyphers to select the 8 best from the great8 If people want to be qualified.....they will have to take their qualifications in the CIRCLES

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