Battle Squad Tribute [Swiftrock, Storm, Speedy]

It was really hard to make this trailer. But I hope you like this. To me it's fun watching these guys and seeing where some moves came from. Swiftrock with his floats, Storm with his all-around skills, Speedy who looks like he's from future. I should've put more Storm's headspins but there's too many. Let's just say he's really good at them. I was nervous that there's no Speedy footage and when I found it, I was like "Wtf did this guy smoked?" Swiftrock is really hardcore. I used only footage from two of his trailers. Footage of Storm was easy to find. But there's so much of it you don't know which to choose. So I choose the once I really liked. Well Anyway Hope you like it.

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  • Zakceptowany: 23.08.11
  • Ostatnie zmiany: 23.08.11

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