What is Biting?

What is Biting? Biting (adj.)- Copying or reproducing in a plagiaristic context, though mainly just unoffical fad-related things; such as made-up words, clothing , dance moves, etc. This video is narrated by Ziggy from the Legendary Bronx Boys Crew. Ziggy has been dancing since 1977, and has been spreading his knowledge and philosophies on b-boying & hip hop world wide ever since. Music by: Rufio Beats Twitter: RufiosBeats_Clap www.therufio.bandcamp.com Follow ME: Twitter.com/vincehoriuchi Facebook.com/vince.horiuchi www.its2ndnature.com Thanks for Subscribing, Leave me a comment and Press Like if you like! Contact Info: Vincehoriuchi@gmail.com

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