BBOY MASTER MACE is one of the illest 7yearold bboy to hit the scene since Jstyle and Lil Demon. What Mace has accomplished in the last 2 years is incredibly. He has the makings of being one of the greatest. With the proper guidence there is no limits to what he can become. He always grinding everyday to make himself a better bboy. Always pushing his body to the limits. I'm extremely proud of his dedication to the art of bboying. I want to say thank to all the dope ass BBOYs that have worked with Mace over the last Year. You know who you are!!!!. A Special thanks to the FURIOUS STYLES CREW and HOUSE MAGANA for being a great mentor, homie, and crew leader. I can't wait till Mace matures more mentally so he can start putting all the Knowledge he has learned thus far together on the floor. FSC 93til Infinity GOD BLESS

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