Boogie Frantick - "ROADS" - "COMMENT" and let us know what you think! "LIKE" the video if you enjoyed it! We originally just wanted to post one video of him, but we couldn't ignore this RIDICULOUS solo and Frantick was ok with sharing this, so here it is! After Boogie Frantick showed up in Amsterdam we immediately arranged workshops for him. Patrick (NL) arranged this workshop in Dansstudio Sway. Big shout out to him and Georgina! Here's what Frantick had to say: "Thank you Holland for the Inspiration!! This wasn't just me showing off this was me showing how much I appreciate every single one of you who came out to support me... Your questions, your thoughts, your open minds, your laughs, your attitudes, I appreciate it all!! Thank you for such a dope trip everyone!! And big shout out to Leal 'Arazzi' van Herwaarden, Jing Wang & Patrick Karijowidjojo" This dude really opened our minds... If you have the opportunity to session with him or take a class from him, we'd highly recommend it. "SUBSCRIBE" to Pop'arazzi and be the first to know!!:

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