TRUE STORY || Film Teaser of the Teaser like us on Facebook to stay updated This is the teaser for the teaser of True Story featuring Bad Newz dancers Aldo Ardo, Rae, Kofi and U-Kay. True Story. From the beginning to the end, about people with characters, who dare to tell who they are - dancers who are ready to lose or win everything for their passions and dreams. It was about time to stand up against the flat hollywood fairy tales and to tell the truth about the dance scene and a dancer's life: Bad Newz M.P. A Funk La Society Production Directed by Stefanie Suchy Produced by Hamdi Berdid & Jonas Soho Camera Mathias von Gostomski & Stefanie Suchy Edit Mathias von Gostomski Music Full Crate & U-Kay Text Laura Posdziech Special thanks to Bad Newz, the Krumpers of Bullyground, Alexandre Kurek, Another Level Studios, Jerry, Roland Bieber, Alberto, Almir & Erwin.

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