Artson Still alive video

This video for the "Still Alive" track on the I Was Missing EP ( was shot in two locations. The first location is in Long Beach by the oil factories. I used this location because I wanted it to represent how no matter what they do to Mother Earth, we're still here - still alive. The second location came naturally, after I'd spent several weeks trying come up with a concept to complete the video. Through my creative struggles around that time, I realized that I was blessed to be a part of the Steelo Elements event in Inglewood, California. June 24, 2012. I knew then that the footage I would get there would make sense for the video and what it's about. To put it short if you don't know about Steelo and the story behind him, the man is a hero to the culture of Hip Hop and is a huge inspiration to bboys and bgirls around the world - as well as to everyone else. His story will live and be shared by many. This project goes out to Bboy Steelo - Stay blessed and keep dreaming. This is the 4th video off the phone series. It was shot with the Iphone 3gs. I used the filmic pro app to try to get a little better quality and then I edited it using the Splice app. I only used the free versions of these apps and haven't paid for the upgrades. Still Alive produced by Hexsagon and Gkoop written by Artson featuring Hexsagon and Casto of Visions Of The Sun This video was shot, directed, and edited by Artson co produced and shot by Carla Silveira

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