Maurizio The Next One, king of style

Widely considered a Bboy legend and definitely HipHop pioneer in Italy. He was inspired back in the 80's by the NYC legends from (Flashdance, BeatStreet, WildStyle, Style Wars). Began dancin' in 1984, his HipHop journey proceed, as dj artist, song writer and producer, spinning from '86 and recording since 88, working for different indie and few major labels. In the B-Boy world is credited for the creation of many dance moves, and for his straight Bboy flavor: (Power Footworks, Space Flow) "Explosive Dance Techniques and Own Unique Style" that's what Ken Swift and Mr Wiggles says in a interview about Maurizio. In the 90's moved to the States and became a member of the legendary "Rock Steady Crew", also was part, on the first HipHop Musical world tour ever made: "Jam On The Groove" sponsored by Calvin Klein, after such important experience, along with Mr wiggles dropped his first classic underground video "Incredible Bboy VOL 1" (VHS/DVD). Back home founded "Next Level Entertainment" and released the Album called: The Next Diffusion "Straight from Da Heart" (feat. The Godfather Of HipHop Afrika Bambaataa... and more!) Follows more collaborations in the Dance and Music career, produced beats for different Artists (Singers and Mc's). In the meantime keept on working for several TV networks, cameo for Music Videos, also advertising for the global campaign "Nike Freestyle Face-off", and the "Universal Music Mobile" in Paris directed by French comedian Jamal Deboize with Luc Besson troupe. Also Theater and Radio experience, hosting and spinning his incredible Vinyl collections, for HipHop shows. Actually is working with a Live Band to record a new album called "Freedom Music Experience", he's still performin', teachin' and travelin' around the globe. This eclectic artist, he's well known in the scene, already 26 years in the game, his name got credits in books and Documentary, invited at numerous Music and Bboy events, to judge competitions, participating in panel discussions and holding workshops, special guest invited for after Party as dj in the hottest spots, he has a very versatile style!!! His contributions and dedication for the art forms is recognized and respected worldwide. More info :

Kategoria: hip hop, breaking
Tagi: brak
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  • Zakceptowany: 06.01.13
  • Ostatnie zmiany: 06.01.13

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