Share to FB: Twitter: Sobota Matheo Productions Stoprocent VIDEO: Production manager: Ewelina Marcinkowska Mix/Master: Julas Few words about Matheo: Mateusz "Matheo" Schmidt - one of the best Polish music producers. Despite the fact, that he is young he has been working with top artists in Poland and worldwide such as: USA: Foxy Brown, Sky Balla, the Game; Germany: Kool Savas; Poland: Edyta Góniak, Robert M, Peja, Sobota, Donguralesko, Tede and many more. He is the composer of the music frame for the biggest MMA Fights Gala in Europe named KSW, each edition is viewed by more than 4 mln people on TV. Also he composed the main theme for the movie soundtrack "Skorumpowani" and music for famous polish musical "12 ławek". Moreover he is collaborating with Grzegorz Piotrowski who is the founder of the World Orchestra project. He is a part of his international production team. Recently he has co-produced Popek Monster album, which has reached golden LP status, in Poland and Czech Republic. Matheo produced new LP for Rena, which will be released soon. Trap and Bass Events- Alex Young, Ookay, Loudpvck, Butch Clancy & Downlink Event Information: ︻╦╤─ Follow Trap and Bass ─╤╦︻ Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Clothing: Record Label: ︻╦╤─ Partners ─╤╦︻
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