A must see video!!! That goes into the depths of the notorious UNITY bboy tour in the Philippines 2010, known as the biggest BBOY tour ever in Philippines history! spanning 4 major cities in the Philippines it moved , influenced and changed the face of filipino bboying as of we know of it today! headed by the infamous B- BOY promoters from Hawaii USA the new image productions, along side with some of the most influencial bboys in the USA and the world, bboy TOYZ ARE US (lionz of zion) washington D.C, bboy JUSTICE (H.O.R/nonstop breakers) Las-vegas, L.T boogie(lionz of zion) Hawaii, and Kevrock(floorox) Boston Mass. as seen through there eyes , follow us into this amazing bboy journey half way around the world the Philippines...This tour was also filmed for the first ever full lenght Philippine BBOY (breakdance) documentary film called PINOY BBOY.coming to the world soon!.enjoy

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