RIP 5 Pointz NYC 11/19/2013

Earlier today I woke up and read the devastating news that the Graffiti Mecca of the world, 5 Pointz, located in Long Island City, Queens, New York, was painted over & whitewashed last night by the owners Jerry and David Wolkoff with police protection. In my humble opinion, the decision to paint over these walls for the building of condos was poor, as well as executed in a rather disrespectful, tasteless manner. Over the weekend, hundreds, including myself, rallied there to support saving not only the art on those walls, but a place we consider to be a landmark, preserving a lifestyle of culture, music, and good moral among those who've visited. The turnout was a peaceful gathering done in good nature, just like everything else 5 Pointz exhibits time and time again. I'm deeply saddened by what's happened to the walls and even more sad for those who've worked so hard to preserve them. I could only imagine what Meres & the rest of the staff are feeling at this moment. To the many worldwide who have visited 5 Pointz, it leaves you taking home something more than just a photograph. The bright colors and abstract art give you a feel of what New York is/was in art, design, people, and music. If you've had a chance to visit the site, consider yourself among the lucky who've gotten to see the beauty and now, legend, that once was considered "5 Pointz". RIP 5 Pointz -Jus Daze To see more photos & read more on this, visit the Untapped Cities Article Here: Visit the Official 5 Pointz Website Here: & for more info about the historic landmark and preserve it's memory until these walls are rebuilt.

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