Who Got The Flava 1 vs 1 Breaking & All Styles TEASER

More info: http://www.whogottheflava.com E-mail: zapisy@flava.com.pl Club De Lite | Warsaw,Poland | Date: 07.02.2014 Description: Discover the world, where style matter the most. Who Got The Flava Today? Legendary video playlist (where for years the best dance sets are being watched by thousands of enthusiasts from all over the world) are marking its location on the map of dance tournaments. On the 7th of February 2015, in Warsaw club De Lite, first Polish edition of Who Got The Flava Today? will take place. We are not writing all the details right away, we are building the atmosphere of the whole tournament. As the Funk Rockass and Flava Magazine family we are ambitiously taking care of the prestige of the event, so you can be assured of the best players and high rewards. Honorary sponsor of the tournament is Bacardi company, which is why we invite only adult participants and spectators. All battles and relation from the event will be published on the second day in social media. We support the creation of a new quality, free mind and originality. Welcome to Who Got The Flava Today! Rules: 1 vs 1 BBoy Battle: Eliminations for 1 vs 1 competition will take place via web applications. Anyone interested send us his set (may be a link to battle with the specified time interval, when you get on the dance floor) on email – zapisy@flava.com.pl until 01.02.2015. Organizers choose the best 16 sets so 16 the best bboys. Then, 16 selected competitors will be competing with each other for getting into next round – the battle against Great 8. Then battles looks like – 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and final. 1 vs 1 All Styles Battle Eliminations for 1 vs 1 competition will be held in two cyphers. From those cyphers, two judges will select 16 dancers who will compete in a knockout – 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and final. After eliminations in cyphers judging system changes. The winner is chosen by the audience holding up cards of right color of the player. The dancer whose more pages are up wins. Categories: 1 vs 1 BBoy Battle – (18 years old) 1 vs 1 All Styles Battle – (18 years old) Bacardi Cypher Contest (surely 18 years up :)) Jury: Bboying: – BBoy Bartazz ( Kingz of Warsaw ) – BBoy Zyskill ( Funk Rockass / Flava DM ) – BBoy Hefo ( RTB / Funky Dope Manoovers ) All Styles: – Tolek ( Belong to Beat ) – Youya Program: Info soon Awards: BBoy Battle: I place – 1000 zł + prizes from sponsors II place – prizes from sponsors All Style Battle: I place – Prize Money & Prizes (Ipad air, which market value is 1800 zł) + prizes from sponsors II place – prizes from sponsors MC: – Mc Rufin ( Wielkie Joł ) DJs: BBoy Battle: – Dj Funk ‚B ( Funk Rockass ) All Style Battle: – Dj Horba Start: 17:00 Additionally: For the first 200 people – WELCOME DRINK – Cuba Libre of Bacardi Promotions at the bar, Cuba Libre with Bacardi at half the price. Entry: The entry fee for the players (18 years old): Free The audience (18 years old): Input for free Registrations: Registrations Bboying – Internet Applications (videos) accepted up to 01.02.2015 Registrations All Styles – Submissions at the day of competition, at entrance.

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