Reppin Down crew vs Mouse, Roy, Nasa, Lamaroc, Lilou Exhibition Battle

An exhibition battle between Reppin Down crew vs B-boy Mouse(U.K./Philippines), Roy(Japan/Asutralia), Nasa(Australia), Lamaroc(Australia) and Lilou(France) at Da Game of Rookies Vol.2 Rush TV presents: Da Game of Rookies Vol.2 | A Jam for the Youth 1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 Kids Battle Hosted by Reppin Down crew Mc: Lyn Judges: B-boy Mouse-FLGZ/MZK/S.A.S. crew(U.K./Philippines) B-boy Nasa-MZK(Australia) B-boy Lamaroc-MZK(Australia) A jam made originally made for the kids of Marikina, Philippines to celebrate the growth and the passing of torch to the next generation. In partnership with Kapayaan project, Mix mix and the Filipino B-boy community. Support our local jams and be a positive influence to the next generation. Peace.

Kategoria: hip hop, breaking
Tagi: brak
  • Dodał: radi
  • Zakceptowany: 24.12.15
  • Ostatnie zmiany: 24.12.15

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