Hello Youtube users! Our movie is in theaters now! Check out the clips below too! In theaters now! 5/16-5/29 Houston,TX. Angelika 5/29 Anchorage,AK. Bear Tooth Cinema 5/30-6/05 Santa Cruz,CA. Del Mar 5/30-6/05 Toronto,ON. Royal Cinema 5/30-6/05 Vancouver,BC. Cinemark Tinseltown 6/06-6/12 Ann Arbor,MI. The Michigan Theatre 6/13-6/19 Las Vegas,NV. Regal Village Square 7/11-7/17 Iowa City,IA. Bijou Theatre 7/17-7/18 Cleveland,OH. Institute of Art 8/17-8/21 Honolulu,HI. Doris Duke Theatre For ticket info and screening times, visit: Sign up to receive updates on releases and DVD or put in your own screening request. The more people from your area we have on this list, the easier it is to convince theaters there to show it: Also send us a msg if you would like to help promote the film in your area. Thanks for your support!
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