Yalta Summer Jam 2009 part2

History of "Bitva Goda" a.k.a "Yalta International Break Dance Event" started on year 2001 in a small, but very beautiful city - Yalta that is in the South Side of Ukraine, Crimea. The first event was organized on January, 2 in which took part only 10 crews from Crimea, and special guests - B-People Crew (Moscow). 6 months later, in summer season, when Yalta is one of the most popular resorts in Ukraine, it was a second event, which became a big part of the B-Boy History of the USSR. Organizers invited the best Russian Break Dance Group of that time - "Da Boogie Crew", that was a real legend for the young generation of Russian and Ukrainian b-boys. With their help there were more than 30 crews from different countries of East Side Europe, such as: Reactive (St.Petersburg), Battle Moves (Moscow), Soul B & No Name (Chernigov-Kiev), H-Blast, Storm (Kharkov), Konik ity Breakers (Kaliningrad), OBC (Toliaty) and many more. Next year's break battle was a part of big festival called "Yalta 2002" and it was a first really big victory of Top 9 Crew on it. Years 2003, 2004 and 2005 were very successful for such young crews like: South Heads (today's South B-Boys Front), Ruffneck Attack, Antishock, BMT, Flash B-Boys, Hi Teck, Big Fun, H-Blast (now East Side B-Boys) and others, who became famous after participating in this event. In this years young b-boy and Dj - Scream became one of the organizers and the Mc of "Bitva Goda", he started organizing famous afterparties and new contests (Top Rock Circle, Footwork Circle, B-Girls Jam, Power Move Contest, megabattle Russia-Ukraine-Belarus etc). After hard work, organizers made Yalta the most popular place for all Ukrainian b-boys, dj's and graffity writers. Everybody come in Yalta to chill on the beach, to rock the cyphers and to battle on the big stage. In 2006 there were more then 30 crews, 64 dope b-boys in solo contest, 16 best poppers and 16 b-girls who were official participators of the event and around 250 b-boys which have come just to jam and chill out. In 2007 organizers made a next step up and invited international Judges: Focus (Flow Mo), Xisco (Def Dogs), Crazy Monkey (Phase-T). It was the greatest break dance event ever in east side Europe! In 2008 organisers made "Yalta Summer Jam 2008" - Real B-Boys Circle featuring best B-Boys & B-Girls from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. Welcome to Yalta next Year! Contact: b-boyscream@hotmail.com
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