Teledysk: Don Choa - Dr. Hannibal (english subtitles/french rap)

"Dr. Hannibal" is a song from the Don Choa's debut album, "Vapeurs toxiques" ("Toxic steams") (2002). It's the Fonky Family's third solo album, after Le Rat Luciano ("Mode de vie Béton style", 2000) and Sat ("Dans mon monde", 2002). Small glossary: - Rainier III, Prince of Monaco = ruled the Principality of Monaco for more than 50 years, making him one of the longest ruling monarchs of the 20th century, but best known outside of Europe for having married American actress Grace Kelly. - Princess Stéphanie of Monaco = youngest child of Rainier III of Monaco, famous in Europe for her music career and her love stories.

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