Teledysk: Digital Underground - Return Of The Crazy One

From 1993 Album: "The Body-Hat Syndrome"..... Digital Underground's Myspace: Get Digital Underground's Music: & On 4th album release from Digital Underground, The Body-Hat Syndrome found the group continuing to cultivate its own brand of P-Funk culture, stuffing what had been the group's first year of silence with a fresh batch of funk-infused rap. With the edgy grind of the leading single, "The Return of the Crazy One," and its accompanying X-rated video (reworked for public consumption) boosting the band back into the spotlight, the rest of the album unfurled to less than outstanding crossover commercial acclaim. The album's second single, an anti-racism cultural awareness politico called "Wussup Wit the Luv," featured an inspired solo from Funkadelic guitarist Michael Hampton, as well as a verse and video appearance from Tupac Shakur. This would be the last time Tupac appeared on any Digital Underground release. Extended & updated info here:

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