Teledysk: THEO3 - ARI GOLD produced by MoSS

WATCH VIDEO HERE: LISTEN and DOWNLOAD mp3 HERE: DOWNLOAD wav. HERE: - ARI GOLD prod. by MoSS Wav..wav "I'm out to get the Ari Gold, I'm in army mode, currency gettin' so I'm hardly home" - THEO3 Toronto, Ont. Replayability. When a verse and beat match together and styles are accentuated, that terminology becomes a reality. Toronto Emcee Theo3 goes for the jugular with ARI GOLD, featuring a punchline heavy, meticulously crafted flow laced over a slow brewing, hypnotic banger produced by the much heralded MoSS (Ghostface, Joel Ortiz, Works of Mart productions). Fresh off of a recent audio assault with new tracks hitting the internet at a rapid fire pace, Theo3 adds a dope visual component courtesty of upcoming director Duxx (Concrete Guerilla). Cameos by fellow Freedom Writers Adam Bomb, Tona, Progress and Big Sproxx give the Worldwide audience a glance at the high powered Hip Hop collective that's shaking up the Canadian marketplace! With a brand new mixtape in the works helmed by legendary NYC DJ Tony Touch, Theo3 is set to saturate the place with a wide variety of laser sharp styles. Watch out for the upcoming album Airplane over one way streets in the Fall of 2011, can't stop, won't stop. Let's MOVE! Bookings and Drops: Watch Videos: Purchase Music: Freedom Writers Mailing List, Buy Shirts, DJ drops and Interviews: Freedom Writers Show Bookings: Video Production: Concrete Films - 416-333-6396

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