Teledysk: Big Daddy Kane Ft. Scoob,Sauce Money,Shyeim,Jay-z & ODB-Show N Prove (With Lyrics)

Album: Daddy's Home(1994) Lyrics: [Verse One: Scoob] Hah hah, hey hey, laugh now nigga My mans right behind you, kane pull the trigger I dont play, Im from the hill where shit is real And Ill be on your ass like bugs on a windshield I cut hand, you still cant get no cards You couldnt deal with scoob if we was playin cards But if I got beef and its time for code red My drill is like a hoe, and be takin mad niggaz to bed So hurry up and skedaddle Even if you join a army, you still couldnt battle So where you from? england, you somebody great?  You burnin scoob, I dont think so mate Yo sauce, if youre down with the groo-hoove Get on the mic and wont ya show and prove [Verse Two: Sauce Money] Hey, here I come with a slick rap, tic tac toe When I flip tracks, so gimme my dick, back I flow to it and through it, if you ever need to wonder How you got dope like sauce, money you didnt do it I write my own with bigger hope, drink of scope Wrote what I figured, nope, damn you dig a nigga doe Rhymes too drastic, bastard, pull hookers like elastic N-b-a style, fann-tastic As I get ready Im steady if I go crazy Id take eddie If I was fred, I think Id have to bone betty Suckin and luckin, hey, niggaz Im duckin, nay Nada no never meaning aint no motherfuckin way Rappers get gassed come on and get fast Try to get past when I blast, and you can hand over your ass One line and thats fear Rappers get so damn pussy they gotta go for a pap smear So shyheim, if your down with the groove Get on the mic its time to show and prove [Verse Three: Shyheim] Yo, yo So check me out, as I flip this here track kid And make mad noise like a metallica record Im psycho, a villain to the styles I be killin When Im thrusted, and all competition gets dusted Cause I rock the world from u.s.a. to asia to russia If your shit stinks ima flush ya, then bust ya Like a crazy man from cali son My jams be packed like a farrakhan rally, what?  You know my style, I put the f in effin foul The rugged child locks you down like rikers isle And got more girls than a trailerload with shabba More super than cat, Im the punani don dada So big daddy, if youre down with the groove my man Get on the mic and wont ya show and prove [Verse Four: Big daddy kane] Now tell me whoooo is the mannnn?  With the high-potent lyrics no rapper can ever stand I get down on it and give it to rappers that even act like they want it I come for your title kid, run it! Or else get hit with the ultimate, too legit skit Ahh yeah, thats that shit Drop lyrics on ya, strong as ammonia That is I thrown ya, scold ya, jones ya, I tried to warn ya You was wack since I known ya, fake as a cubic zirconia What did I just show ya, real lyrics doggone ya Strong as an elephant, intelligent, compelling and elegant So well in it with every single element And competition gets none! huh If I was wearing pantyhose you still couldnt give me no run And lets just make one more thing understood That if I fart on a record, trust me nigga itll sound good So jay-z, if youre down with the groove, my mellow Get on the mic its time to show and prove [Verse Five: Jay-z] Im breaking mcs up like epmd And these nuts if you rappers tryin ta see me Im buckwild with styles, ta-dow Ive been in it runnin a hundred miles Im well endowed, baby gal Uhh, the greatest nigga to touch it, you niggaz cant fuck with The, incredible skills of the g from brooklyn, big up kid And aint no eatin me up, you fast fuckin with jigga Im like prince jeans, I bring the ass out a nigga When I rock it its in the pocket, baby mop it dont knock it Till you try it, once you start, you cant stop it Im the cocky breed, Im dope like poppy seed I live one rent from besides that be Between get off my dick and stop jockin me When I bust a rhyme youre diggin the sound I know you lovin the way its, goin down baby So ason huh, if youre down with the groove, why dont ya Get on the mic and show and prove [Verse Six: Ol Dirty Bastard] Come on Wu-tang killa bees on a swarm Rain on your college ass, disco dorm Slippery when wet and dont you ever forget You couldnt get a flick, of the hype outfit Because the way that I dress this style mad wild Enough to make a crowd of women scream ow! Yuh, my beats are funky and my rhymes are spunky Sometimes Ill be like well God damn whats the recipe?  I dont know, I ask my momma she dont know She says go ask your God damned father! Its all about me in the place to be Niggas thing they all that, yo, that shit is g Mad game and its a motherfucking shame How many enemies wanna claim the name Of ason, who carries on like a manager Yo!, sounds fly right? danger!!!

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