Teledysk: Original Flavor feat. Jay-Z - Can I Get Open

Original Flavor were a hip hop group from mid 90's. The group originally consists of Ski (Ski Beatz) and Suave Lover. They released two albums This is How It Is (1992) and Beyond Flavor (1993) although for Beyond Flavor Suave Lover was replaced by T-Strong and DJ Chubby Chub. They had this hit with the song "Can I Get Open" in 1994, which reached #46 on the Billboard Maxi Singles chart.This track prominently features Jay-Z. The group disbanded after released Beyond Flavor but they began work with Roc-A-Fella Records at the time with Jay-Z, Damon Dash and Kareem Burke. Beyond Flavor (Atlantic, 1993)

Kategoria: hip hop, muzyka, rap
Tagi: jay-z , ski beatz , original flavor
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