Teledysk: Raekwon - Ice Cream

See Music Videos that you CAN'T See on You Tube! even some X RATED music videos! +Live Chat and Embed video codes. Corey Woods, better known by the stage name Raekwon (sometimes Raekwon the Chef), is an American East Coast rapper and a member of the Wu-Tang Clan. His 1995 album Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... is widely considered to be one of the best Wu-Tang solo albums, and one of the finest and most influential hip hop albums of the 1990s. Page twenty of The Wu-Tang Manual: Enter the 36 Chambers details Raekwons chef moniker: "He was known for cooking up some really good fish" (Norris (The RZA), Chuck. 1st ed. Vol. 1. Ser. 1. New York, New York: Penguin Group (USA), 2005.). Raekwon raps about fish on, MF DOOMs recording, Yessir!: yeah, yeah, you dont even know. Thats the fishy word up in the town, you heard? Yeah, thats the fishy shit, kid (Rec. 2009. Born Like This. DOOM, 2009). 'Fish,' an American English slang term, refers to cocaine. Fish scale, also an American English slang term, refers to the shiny appearance of high-quality cocaine; fish is a linguistic contraction of the term 'fish scale,' e.g. Ghostface Killahs fifth album, Fishscale, often mentions cocaine.

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