Teledysk: Nas ft. Quan - Just A Moment

From 2004 Album: "Street's Desciple"..... Get mp3 here: Get CD here: Street's Disciple is the seventh studio album by American hip hop rapper Nas, released November 30, 2004 on Columbia Records. The album title was taken from Nas's first verse of "Live at the Barbeque", the Main Source song, which served as his debut appearance. The album cover is a digitally created image which uses several photos of Nas to create an adaptation of The Last Supper. Upon its release, Street's Disciple was met with mostly good reviews. Some fans and critics state that the album's unique concepts and tone is a flashback to Nas's most well-known and acclaimed work, 1994's Illmatic. As of November 18, 2005, Street's Disciple was certified platinum by the RIAA making it Nas' seventh consecutive platinum album. Street's Disciple features multiple socio-conscious and political songs, such as "A Message to the Feds, Sincerely, We the People", "American Way" and "These Are Our Heroes". The latter (originally titled "Coon's Picnic") contained attacks directed toward multiple black celebrites including: O.J. Simpson and NBA superstar Kobe Bryant. Another topic addressed by Nas were important women in his life or females in general. "Getting Married" is dedicated to his then-newlywed wife Kelis Rogers-Jones, "Me & You (Dedicated to Destiny)" is, aptly titled, directed toward Nas' daughter and "Makings of a Perfect Bitch" describes most men's idea of the ideal woman. Death and appreciating life are the subject to several songs as well such as "Live Now", "Rest of My Life" and "Just a Moment". The lion's share of the album's production was handled between Salaam Remi, L.E.S. and Chucky Thompson of Sean Combs' production team The Hitmen. Remi contributed production on eleven tracks, L.E.S. produced on eight and Chucky Thompson helped on six. Salaam Remi (who collaborated with Nas on his previous LPs Stillmatic and God's Son) led all with nine solo productions. L.E.S. only produced three solo outings, but one included the single "Just a Moment". Thompson, on the other hand, had one solo production credit ("Getting Married"). Other notable producers from the album include legendary A Tribe Called Quest member Q-Tip (who had last worked with Nas on Illmatic's "One Love") and D.I.T.C. producer Buckwild ("The Are Our Heroes"). Nas himself produced "Suicide Bounce" and "U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim)", both from the second disc. L.E.S. also brought on baggage for his productions. T. Black and Nut assisted the legendary producer on "The Makings of a Perfect Bitch" and Herb Middleton helped with the beat on "Me &You (Dedicated to Destiny)". Chucky Thompson, too, brought in extra help for "Live Now" (Barnardo "Nardo" Williams). New York rapper Ill Bill made a song similar to "U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography Of Rakim)" titled "U.B.S. (Unauthorized Biography Of Slayer)" on his 2008 album The Hour of Reprisal.

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