Teledysk: 2Pac Ft. Mc Breed - Gotta Get Mine

Artist: MC Breed f/ 2Pac Album: The New Breed Song: Gotta Get Mine [Chorus] I gotta get mine, you gotta get yours I gotta get mine, you gotta get yours I gotta get mine, you gotta get yours Get yours [MC Breed] Smooth as a wanna be, for quickly you a gonna be (oh that's the way it is) Fuck yeah and thats the way it's gonna be Why, puffin on a dank and drinking mad brew Taking names and after that I'm kickin ass too Breed, kinda of tha (can I get a ryhme to go) Hey yo 'Pac I'll set back and design it slow They hate to see a young nigga, COME UP Another punk, RUN UP and have to get his, GUN UP Cause um I ain't takin no shorts like a Newport, explortin the fully joint and explodin on the whole court And I don't wanna be, wanna be, nuttin like mike cause even mike don't miss every itty bitty triflin and when you in the spotlight, you get um jocked right but your life's not tight Buckin anybody forbid mine When will they realize, I'm set out to get mine [Chorus] - 6X [2Pac] I keep my mind on my money, money on my mind Finger on the trigger, nigga, hand on my nine Smokin blunts a skunk, makin hoes of punks And only underground funk bumpin outta my trunk Live my life as a hustler, high till I die Meetin bitches, gettin riches, miss me when lie Picture me living out my life as a busta I'd rather pop out a shot out my glock, and blast motherfuckers I live that thug life baby I'm hopeless Chokin off indo tryin to keep my focus Don't let that bullshit worry me Fuck the fame, I'm true to the game 'til they bury me God gave me game so I'm hustlin Pour out some liqour for my niggaz 2Pac is still strugglin My niggga Breed knew the time Whether it's ryhme or crime, nigga, I gotta get mine [Chorus] - 6X [MC Breed] Now let me rush in through your mind, I'm balla is what I keep gettin Everytime I pick up the mic and start spittin The sidewalks of New York will start bumpin Jumpin around, with the motherfuckin pound And I'm down to the fullest, and breakin niggaz ass off proper Did you right, that's right, cause I got you in my pocket again The new jacks, the new jacks Used to be my niggaz when I ran way back when I boasted, and roasted, and coasted to the clinical cause I'll do it again like precision Cut the two lines in the division Plus, what I add loose as flutes It's gamin fo' sale like prostitutes I never had love for hoes, to put it blunt They want me in the back, but bitch I'm in the front Don't front, and really I don't need a reply Pull yourself together as you pass me by I'm on a whole nother level, them hoes is left I told you befo', keep ya pussy to yourself Goodbye, some many niggaz lied to have Funny what a motherfucker do for math I got rats caught up in my everday actions Point equal to your realest satisfaction Buckin anybody that forbid mine When will they realize, I'm set out to get mine [Chorus] - 6X Eternally thug nigga Hilfiger made by Tommy so when I speak hope to reach my ? mommy oh come to poppy I love it when you sweat ? ? ? more peeps until I come to wake no one can stop me my bump and grind coming through ya everytime come get a blast of this thu passion it'll blow your mind hey throw up your ? ? your shit around my back it's a westside bang fucking hoes around the map ? get down with Tupac while I'm ? out ? while they seduce my jimmy I'll be screaming give me body make then hoes scream my name out give me my ? and don't cha ? ? thug nigga ? ? ? I'm at the freaking parade I'm watching caramel bitches play get with real niggaz bullshitting never get your pay this is the dream of a black teen ? ? hoes cross-country like a greedy crack fiend now come on

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