Teledysk: Vinnie Paz "Cheesesteaks"

Official video for Vinnie Paz's new single "Cheesesteaks" from Vinnie's upcoming solo album "God Of The Serengeti" in stores fall 2012 on Enemy Soil. Vinnie Paz "Cheesesteak" Song Credits: Produced by Psycho Les Strings: Mireya Ramos Cuts: DJ Eclipse Mixed by Spent DNero at Goblin Music Studio Vinnie Paz "Cheesesteak" Video Credits: Directed by Yan Producers: New Pace Productions & Enemy Soil Films Camera: Bill Connell, JC Costa, Mike McRath Second Camera: Luke Rafferty Editors: JC Costa & Yan Colorist: Bill Connell Thanks: Brett the Barber at Platinum Stylez, Nick Antonogiannis at Keystone Pizza, Aristotle, John Grevenitis, and Marianne Luviner.

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