Teledysk: Hip Hop Tribute New York State of Mind Farrah Burns Presents 7th Element

New York State of Mind is a tribute to Hip Hop. Each character represents an element from Hardcore, Westcoast, Underground, Conscious, Mainstream, Abstract and Eastcoast. Farrah Burns taps into the different dimensions over a classic Nas track, setting the stage and revolutionizing the sound of music. Creative director Dominick Troy and Videographer Camko visually stimulates in a rare portrait/documentary style video. Free Download In Pursuit of Hip Hop: The Anthology Do you speak fluent hip hop? @FarrahBurns @Dominick_Troy- Creative Director . Glam Squad @Camkosino -Videographer. Director @ispkfluenthiphop I Speak Fluent Hip Hop™

Kategoria: hip hop, muzyka, rap
Tagi: brak
  • Dodał: radi
  • Zakceptowany: 17.01.13
  • Ostatnie zmiany: 31.07.16

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