Teledysk: Snoop Dogg - Street Life ft. 2Pac

Snoop Dogg - Street Life ft. 2Pac

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[Hook: repeat 2X]
Don't let this street life get ya down
Don't let this street life run you around

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
Since I was young I grew up in the street life
Times get hard for a gangsta in the street life
Ain't no tellin what my life might be like
Growin up in the street life

You can't tell me shit, about these streets homie
I done lived it and done it, runnin from the police
Out for the money, homies maintain their composure
Now that we older we sellin ki's by the doja
Now I'm a soldier motherfucker for the chips wanna dip to trip
Headed straight for D.C., down for D.P
Flipped the script and came equipped with some riders who got my back
Snoop Corleone, you know I'm always down to jack
I jack for instant thought, talkin walk the walk
Niggas who oppose automatically get stomped
Terrorizing the neighborhood niggas gainin they grab me
Southside and dash, mashin for the rep
Test in peace to deceased homeboys who ain't alive
Street life took him over now he forced to die
Slippin and slidin, bouncin countin my ends
To be straight, times is ruff for these days
Niggas is crazy, but the fear is much greater
The innovater, dominator, soul creator, out for the papers!

[Hook:repeat 2X]

Bustin' and bailin', thugs addicted to drug sellin ki's
Got me riskin', the street living, catching felonies
How many niggas wanna see me gone?
You playa haters is bitches who hate to see a nigga hold his own
Forever ballin', no never fallin'
Live my life as a thug nigga, now can you hear the liquor callin'
When we blaze niggas is blinded
My competition, minimal so I live so, criminal minded
Nigga can you hear me wave yo' pistols in the sky
And roll a fat-ass blunt, I buck that shit, I bet it'll get you high
They wonder why I'm hard to kill, hard to let it go
How can I have fear, on my peers, live on Death Row
Don Makaveli, 45, tucked next to my belly
Conversating with my nigga Dogg, lyrics so deadly
When ya come to get me bring an army
An Outlaw thug motherfucker, who can harm me
Bomb these bitches, see the track smokin'
Cause real Bad Boy killers be them, gat smoking
Ha ha, open ya eyes and understand this
World ain't fair these motherfuckers doin' scandalous
Niggas don't wanna see me hot with my Glock cocked
Drinkin on Henn', screamin fuck the world this is the end
In the street life!

[Hook] - 6X

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