Teledysk: N.O.R.E. - Don't Know feat. Fat Joe

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Fat Joe
Tony Touch
Joe Crack 'the don' Top of the world, we ain't gonna stop till you earl
got you sick when you heard the kid was rocking your girl
make you nauseus, glide through your block in twin porshes
of course is the ladies love joe cause he's gorgeous recognize the king, the livest team
if I ever do time I prolly die in da bin
turn the one year stress till like 30 to life
same day I came home i'll probabbly murder my wife look at them guys, they all look shook and surprise
I don't know why I wrote the book on how to be live
when the shit goes down, be the last man standing
can't be the man ???? join them, eventhough you can't stand them its the nigga that you love to hate
ain't nothing change but the women and the living is great
nowadays they got a ???? 
I don't fly but keep a plane close by in case Yeah...Shit!
You know how we do
send a few to I see you the whole clique rock steady like moutainly crew
and y'all shit starting to look sloppy too
Vamonos, them falling like dominos
Them Zanganos, Toca cantalo I bang out with the classic rhyming flow
to lock it down "TOMA", where you trying to go
I'm dyin' to grow
word let me speak my mind 'Cause see a lot of your herbs thought I reached my prime
but I came in the game with a unique design
it's made up with only dope beats and rhymes
Puerto Rock, it this mic on or wut
so I can rep my peoples that's on the block
cognac on the rocks, haters want to know when it's goin to stop
till we on the top....What! beat stops
Salsa beat starts
{people speaking spanish} Regular beat starts go
Esta Loca, tony toca
we been boning bitches in they mothafucking chocha
this is the audience, I'm the lyricist
sucks how this suckers in the crowd want to hear this
???, ???? and none of them in they case
I'm free as a bird and to fly out on stage
I'm not here for no frontin just to say a little something
this suckers don't like me cause I'm all about dumping
Shotgun pumping, ripping you up
I'm like Dru-hill now how I'm splitting you up
see I'm the founder god plus i'm half latino
see me in miami eating fish with my ???
i'm chilling wit my uncle my fault I mean tio
kidnap niggaz making them sniff a whole kilo
so what now, I heard you niggas want buck now
caught you without a gun, you niggaz ain't tough now What's going on niggas? its real
fifty milimeter people need to guard ju neal
fuck you nigga how you feel
you fags are like alley Mc beal
snap you in half, what the fuck is the deal
junkyard ain't no lyin to me, if you lie than you dyin with me
burning in hell, nigga frying with me
and I don't want nobody cryin for me
I want a thousand rounds in the air flying for me
Cah, Cah, Cah, Cah, Cah
so smell the gun powder
living in a place you couldnt get the fuck outta
?????, niggas you know you whole life tryin to kill you
can't even control your own wife, keep movin
stayin in ground I ain't losing
life is the deadly decision I keep choosing
been like a battle out of hell
for every nigga sitting up in a cell
keep it funky till we all out jail

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