The Red Bull BC One North American Qualifier

The Red Bull BC One North American Qualifier
Data: 21.07.12   (To wydarzenie już się odbyło!)
Lokalizacja: Aragon Entertainment Center
Miejsce: Chicago, IL 60640, 1106 W Lawrence Ave
Patronat: NIE (Jak zdobyć i co daje patronat?)
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The Red Bull BC One North American Qualifier – 2012 is coming up on July 21st at the Aragon Entertainment Center! Tickets are available at ! Tickets are $10 for General Admission. The floor and balcony are both open to the public!

This year, more than 1.000 B-Boys competed in over 60 Red Bull BC One Cyphers around the globe, in over 50 countries for the chance to compete at the upcoming qualifier events in Chicago, St. Petersburg, Monterrey, Auckland, Casablanca and Rotterdam. Just as each cypher could only send one winner on to the qualifier, only one winner from each qualifier will advance to the finals in Rio de Janeiro, this December.

In 2012, all qualifier events, as well as the final, will be livestreamed on We invite you and your audiences to take part in the live viewing as we witness the greatest B-Boys across six continents battle for the ultimate prize, a ticket to Rio to compete with today’s B-Boy legends. Join hundreds of thousands of fans around the world to witness the action as it happens. See the evolution of breaking today, through footwork, spins, freezes and flips that can best be described as superhuman. 

If you are planning on organizing free public viewing of any of the qualifiers or the finals, let us know, we’ll help you to promote it!


Livestreaming Dates and Local Times on

July 21, 2012 North America Qualifier, Chicago, USA 6 PM-9 PM

August 4, 2012 Eastern Europe Qualifier, St. Petersburg, Russia 6 PM-9 PM

August 26, 2012 Latin America Qualifier, Monterrey, Mexico 6:30 PM-10 PM

September 1, 2012 Asia Pacific Qualifier, Auckland, New Zealand 7 PM-10 PM

September 14, 2012 Middle East/Africa Qualifier, Casablanca, Morocco 7 PM-10 PM

September 22, 2012 Western Europe Qualifier, Rotterdam, Amsterdam 7 PM-10 PM

December 8, 2012 Red Bull BC One Final Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 9 PM-11 PM


Let the battle begin!

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