QUEENS STYLE ZONE 14: Hip Hop / House, Dancehall, Hype & Krump Battle

QUEENS STYLE ZONE 14: Hip Hop / House, Dancehall, Hype & Krump Battle
Data: 14.09.13   (To wydarzenie już się odbyło!)
Lokalizacja: Czechy, Ostrava
Miejsce: Brak informacji
Patronat: TAK (Jak zdobyć i co daje patronat?)

We would like to invite you to the 14th edition of the legendary street dance battle called QUEENS STYLE ZONE held on Satudray 14th of September 2013 in Ostrava (Czech Republic) in the Marley club (Černá Louka exhibition).

Originaly a small event mainly for local dancers became one of the most prestigious battles in CZ regularly attended by leading dancers from Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. In spite of it event still supports less experienced dancers and gives them an opportunity to meet and draw an inspiration from more successful ones. This is the first event in the Czech Republic with such a large number of fans that will be held for the fourteenth.

This time you will be able to enjoy battles in four categories: hip hop / house (battle 2x2), dancehall (battle 1x1), hype (battle 1x1)and krump (battle 1x1 - callouts). The program will be followed by the traditional after party.

Jury members will be: Ewa (Co Jest?! Crew / Poland), Regina (The Zoo Clan / Russia), Alina (High Edition / Czech Rep.).

You can register @ www.qsz.cz/registrace.html ... 
(The site is in czech language only, but there is a Google Translator. If you have any problems, please write an email.)


Marley club
Černá louka exhibition, Ostrava / Czech Republic
tram no. 6, 9, 10, 11, 13 (Výstaviště or Elektra stop)

hip hop / house 2x2
dancehall 1x1
hype 1x1
krump 1x1 (callouts)

Ewa (Co Jest?! Crew / Poland)
Regina (The Zoo Clan / Russia)
Hanka (High Edition / Czech Rep.) 

DJ Lowa / Out Of Control 
Dj Vladu / Roots Company

15:30 open
15:30 - 16:00 attendance of registrated dancers
16:30 preselection
18:30 battles
22:00 after party

90 CZK / 4 EUR


till 11.9.2013 at www.qsz.cz/registrace.html


We look forward to see you :)

Kategoria: hip hop, breaking , krumping , rap
Tagi: brak
  • Dodał: BBoy Zielony
  • Zakceptowany: 25.08.13
  • Ostatnie zmiany: 25.08.13

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